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Taylor CC

625 Main Street
Avoca, PA 18641
Phone: (570) 414-0880

Taylor Consulting & Contracting (“Taylor”) is a nationally recognized utility management company, headquartered in Avoca, Pennsylvania. Taylor created and operates two proprietary utility platforms, EnergyAuctions, an online reverse auction for electric and natural gas accounts, and UtilityModule, a state of the art utility management reporting system. Thousands of national customers have integrated Taylor’s programs and saved millions of annual energy dollars through their implementation. Taylor specializes in account aggregation; creating buying power throughout deregulated markets. The buying power results have been so effective; Taylor has been endorsed by the City of Boston and the City of Philadelphia for citywide businesses. Taylor is an accredited woman owned business and operates regional offices in New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia, in addition to its corporate headquarters in Avoca, Pennsylvania.

Contact:Paul Reilly
Fax:(877) 395-0510
Web Link: www.taylorcc.com