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Resources and Information

To gain access to this valuable information, enter your member ID number at the left. You will be directed to a live page where all of the links are available.  If you are not a member of NYSH&TA, you may want to consider joining our organization.

The New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association's Resource Center serves as an important link to its membership by providing membership benefits and services. The membership department answers requests from members and provides information on various topics such as industry regulations, legislation and lodging trends and statistics.

What types of information are available through the Resource Center? The NYSH&TA Resource Center consists of over 600 pieces of research material that are cataloged. For a particular topic please call our Membership Services Manager directly. Listed below are just a few of the in the topical areas:

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Getting Started

IRS Forms and Publications                                                                                                          

Electronic Filing



General Information for Businesses

IRS Restaurant Tax Center

Resources Specific to Restaurants

Resources Specific to Amusement Parks


  1. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
    • ADA Changes for Pools, Recreational Facilities, and Service Animals (November 2011)
    • A Hotelier’s Guide to the New Title III ADA Regulations (July 2011)
    • The ADA and YOU
    • 5 Steps to Make New Lodging Facilities Comply With The ADA
    • ADA Checklist for New Lodging Facilities
    • Commonly asked questions about Service Animals

  2. Alcohol/Licenses
    • NYSH&TA Legal Notice on Removal of 30 day notice for Renewal of Beverage License Outside NYC
    • Bed & Breakfast Licenses
    • Sale of Beer, Wine and Liquor in Marketplace Areas of Hotels (9/11)
    • Texas Hold 'EM
    • ID Scan for Driver Licenses
    • Alcohol Beverage Tax
    • NYS Liquor Authority

  3. Bed & Breakfasts
    • Self Evaluation form

  4. Bedding Basics
    • Recommendations

  5. Credit Card Information
    • Credit Card Holds
    • Truncation of credit card and debit card numbers (last 5 numbers)
    • The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Process For Hotels
    • Legal Bulletin: Security Breaches of Computerized Data
    • Are your guests frustrated by holds on their Debit Cards?

  6. Educational Presentations
    • Avoiding the New Enforcement Driven OSHA While Achieving Operational Excellence Through Safety Tracy L. Moon Jr., Fisher & Phillips
    • Green Initiatives: Achieving Environmental Excellence Pat Maher, Partner at The Maher Group
    • Green E-Marketing & Social Media Webinar Caylin Sanders, President & CEO of
    • Are You Ready for H1N1? NYSH&TA Webinar
    • Sales, Marketing, Goals & Teams! Joanna Shows ActionCOACH
    • Focus on Hospitality - "Eco"nomics of Going Green (Ed Smyth representing NYSERDA)
    • Golden Arrow Resort - "Eco"nomics of Going Green Jennifer Holderied
    • Knowing Guest Preferences is Key During a Down Economy Jim Howland, JD Power & Associates
    • Top 5 HR Mistakes Hotels Make Which Cost Them Big Profits Victoria Mavis, Core People Resources
    • Lodging Industry Trends Duane Vinson, Smith Travel Research
    • Yield Management Manual Created by NYSH&TA 2002 Small Properties Committee

  7. Employment
    • Industry Achieves Credit Card Tip Pay Victory (June 2011)
    • Wage Theft Prevention Act (effective April 9, 2011)
    • Summary of Hospitality Wage Order (effective January 1, 2011)
    • Notice to Employees - Hospitality Industry Minimum Wage Poster
    • International Worker Issues in the Lodging Industry: Lodging Operator Survey & H-2B Applicant Data
    • Hotel Operator Survey Questionnaire
    • NY Labor Department Clarifies New-Hire Rules
    • Overview of New York State's Labor Laws
    • Age Discrimination
    • Application Forms, Interview Process
    • Recordkeeping requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
    • Job Descriptions
    • Human Resource Compliance Guide
    • Restrictions when hiring sex offenders
    • IRS clarifies Wage, Tip, Service Charge & Gratuity Calculations

  8. Environmental Guidelines
    • AH&LA Green Guidelines

  9. Fraud
    • Gift Cards, Gift Certificates

  10. Hotel Operations
    • Tax Bulletins - Caterers and Catering Services
    • Lodging Tax Primer: Other Names for Lodging Tax
    • AAA Approval Requirements & Diamond Rating Guidelines
    • AH&LA H1N1 Influenzia Management for Hotels
    • NYSH&TA H1N1 Influenzia Management for Hotels
    • Hotel/Occupancy Tax in NYS (By County as of November 7, 2016)
    • A Guide to Sales Tax for Hotel and Motel Operators
    • Notice to Guest Card "SAMPLE"
    • Notice to Guest Card "Posting Requirements"
    • Notice to Guest Cards "Order Form"
    • Business Records Retention
    • Lost & Found, Personal Property found at Hotel
    • Price Gouging
    • Bed Bugs Are Back
    • Keeping Your Guests Happy
    • Alternative Bed Bug Battle Plans
    • What to do when personal property is left behind
  11. IRS
    • Business Taxes
      The form of business you operate determines what taxes you must pay and how you pay them.
    • Tax Information for Businesses
      If you run a small business or are self-employed, the IRS Web site offers a wide variety of information to help you.
    • Employer ID Numbers (EINs)
      An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as a federal tax identification number, and is used to identify a business entity. Generally, businesses need an EIN.
    • New York State and Local Sales and Use Tax: Publication 900 (5/11)
      Information for business owners regarding their responsibilities under the New York State tax laws
    • Forms and Publications
      Need an IRS form or publication?
    • Tax Package Mailing to End Following Growth of e-File
      Business and individual taxpayers will no longer receive paper tax packages in the mail from the IRS. Tax packages contained the forms, schedules and instructions for filing a paper tax return. The IRS is taking this step because of the continued growth in electronic filing as well as to help reduce costs.
    • e-file for Business and Self-Employed Taxpayers
      The IRS offers several electronic filing options designed specifically for the business filer. There are several ways you may choose to participate in the IRS e-file for Business programs.
    • Electronic Federal Tax Payments (EFTPS)
      Businesses and individuals can use the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System to pay all their federal taxes electronically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via the phone, personal computer (PC) software or the Internet. Visit the EFTPS web site for all the latest information! Or visit the Department of Treasury’s Financial Management Services web page on EFTPS.
    • QuickAlerts "More" e-file Benefits for EROs
      Get on board and be one of the thousands of tax professionals that currently receive information on “up-to-the-minute” e-file events.
    • Businesses with Employees
      Information about hiring, recordkeeping, and other topics for business owners with employees.
    • Independent Contractor vs. Employees
      Before you can determine how to treat payments you make for services, you must first know the business relationship that exists between you and the person performing the services.
    • Employment Taxes for Small Businesses
      If you have employees, you are responsible for Federal Income Tax Withholding, Social Security and Medicare taxes and Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA).
    • IRS Withholding Calculator
      This easy-to-use calculator can help you figure your employees’ Federal income tax withholding so you can withhold the correct amount from their pay.
    • Retirement Plans for Small Businesses
      Are you looking for information on employee retirement plans in order to provide better service to all your employees?
    • The Role of Small Business in New York State's Economy
    • Your Money New York
      Resourse from the New York State Office of the State Comptroller.
    • Small Business Resources
      This section offers links to a broad range of resources across federal and state agencies.
    • Small Business Products Online Ordering
      Looking for a tool to help you meet your tax requirements? Choose from our free products, developed especially for the Small Business/Self-Employed person, and obtain updated information on existing products.
    • e-News for Small Businesses
      e-News for Small Businesses is a free electronic mail service designed to provide tax information for small business owners and self-employed individuals. Sign-up and you will receive information about:

    • • Important upcoming tax dates
      • What's new for small businesses on the IRS Web site
      • Reminders and tips to assist small businesses with tax compliance
      • IRS News Releases and special IRS announcements.
    • Small Business and Self-Employed One-Stop Resource
      This section provides general small business information useful in all industries and professions. It includes links to small business products, employment taxes, electronic filing and paying, taxpayer burden reduction, abusive tax avoidance transactions, and many other topics.
    • A-Z Index for Business
      Know what you're looking for and want to find it fast? Select business topics using the IRS website's A-Z listing, or by business type such as sole proprietor, corporation, etc. The IRS website also provides links to major business subjects, such as Business Expenses, which provides a gateway to all related information on that subject.
    • Small Business Tax Workshops, Phone Forums and Webinars
      Small business workshops are designed to help the small business owner understand and fulfill their Federal Tax responsibilities. Workshops are sponsored and presented by IRS partners who are Federal Tax specialists. Workshop topics vary from a general overview of taxes to more specific topics such as recordkeeping and retirement plans.
    • IRS Videos
      Contains video and audio presentations on topics of interest to small businesses, individuals and tax professionals. You will find video clips of tax topics, archived versions of live panel discussions and webinars, as well as audio archives of national phone forums.
    • Tax Tips - Restaurant
      This section provides general tax information including employment taxes, and information returns.
    • Tax Laws and Regulations - Restaurant
      This page provides links to recent revenue rulings and court cases, legal determination of business use of the home and other regulations for the small business.
    • Restaurant and Bars Forms and Publications
      The links on this page provide Restaurant industry forms and publications.
    • Amusement Parks & Safety Highlights of the Final Rule Revising ADA Title III Regulations (December 2010)
      The U.S. Department of Justice has prepared fact sheets identifying the major changes in the rules. NYSH&TA Parks & Attractions members should look at the Title III highlights for a sense of what the new regulations include. Members may also find it helpful to review the summary of the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design.
    • Tax Bulletin - Amusement Parks
      Amusement Parks - Admission, Rides and Other Charges.

  12. Music
    • Music Copyright

  13. Reception & Ejection of Guests
    • Reception and Ejection of Guests Outline
    • Tips for Inn Keepers & Legal Guidance (Prom Night Survival Guide)
    • Permanent Resident
    • Un-chaperoned Individuals under 21
    • Quiet Weekend Agreement
    • Notification of Sex Offenders
    • Guidelines for Guest Expulsion
    • Renting Rooms to Minors

  14. Safety & Security
    • New York State Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements (Amanda’s Law)
    • Pool Regulations Update (May 2015)
    • NYS Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements
    • Office of Homeland Security Issues Hotel Terror Bulletin
    • Guest Safety Tips
    • AH&LA Safety Tips for Traveling with your Children
    • Recall Awareness Promotion Program (RAPP)
    • Crib Safety
    • Report of Accident Reports
    • Security Guard Act

  15. Social Media
    • Facebook Tips
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