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NYSH&TA Committees

NYSH&TA Committees are designed to involve, represent, and serve the interest of our members. They provide a forum to consider the different perspectives and objectives within the Association. If you have not already, consider joining one or more of our committees and make your voice heard. Members are welcome to attend Committee meetings, Board of Directors meetings, and meetings of the General Membership.

If you are interested in a specific topic or meeting notes, contact us.

Administrative Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee handles the overall administration, structure, staffing, and documentation (e.g. articles of incorporation, bylaws, mission, etc.) that guide the organization. The Association's bylaws allow the Executive Committee to make decisions and to manage issues that arise between board meetings. The Committee is composed of the elected officers plus three at-large members and the president.

Nominating Committee

The Committee reviews and makes recommendations about individuals who are qualified and willing to serve on the Board of Directors. It considers nominees to fill vacancies as officers, board members and other elected officials. The Committee ensures that the Association has a smooth transition of the elected board. It will be asked to present written and verbal reports to the membership.

Finance & Audit Committee

Duties of the committee include overseeing the integrity of the Association's financial accounting process and systems of internal controls regarding finance, accounting and use of assets; solicit, review and recommend the selection of, to the Board of Directors, the independent auditors, which shall report directly to the Finance & Audit Committee; overseeing the independence and performance of the independent auditors and staff with finance responsibilities; overseeing the operation of the policies on conflicts of interest and the Association's board-staff communications; providing an avenue of communication among the Association 's independent auditors, management, staff, and the Board of Directors. Maintain attendance records of the Board of Directors.


Allied Member Committee

Represents, and is composed of, supplier members. The Committee discusses promotional concepts and interactive involvement with the property membership, and secures participation of Allied Members in the Association's conference.

Bed & Breakfast Council

Discusses the special needs of the Bed & Breakfast industry.

Tourism Educators Council

Develops, promotes, and reviews training topics for the Association's ongoing half-day and full-day seminars, traditionally held in the Spring and Fall.

Parks & Attractions Council

Discusses the special needs of the Amusement Parks & Attractions industry.

Member Action Committees

Publications and Marketing Committee

Assist and coordinate with the association's staff on local media releases, editorials, industry promotion, PR function, internet, and newsletter. Assist association staff in marketing the association's member benefits to current members, as added retention efforts. The committee may work with a public relations professional to achieve its goals.

Representation Action Committee

Reviews proposed legislation and regulations, taking timely action to support or oppose issues that affect the organization and the profession. It reviews and comments on proposed legislation, and creates grassroots support for legislative and regulatory issues that affect the industry. It organizes efforts to block unfavorable regulations and support favorable laws in agencies and in the Legislature or Congress, and often works with a professional lobbyist. The Committee may also be responsible for planning an "Albany Capitol Hill" visit for members. All Board of Director members are requested to participate in this committee.

Education and Networking Action Committee

Assist association staff with the implementation, marketing, and administration of the national Lodging Management Program, by providing key industry support to the high schools that present the program. Responsible for planning and development of the annual meeting, educational programs, exhibitor/tradeshow opportunities, and awards program that will be offered during the conferences. Also, the workload handled by this action committee will be to oversee the following: Special Events such Political Action Committee & Education Foundation Fundraisers as well as annual Legislative Receptions.

Member Benefits Action Committee

Member Benefits targets audiences for membership, successfully enrolling new members while retaining current members. The Committee reviews the Association's membership strategies as well as develops programs and services that reduce operating costs. It also assists Association staff in presenting valued added benefits to prospective members.