Lobby Day


2017 Tourism Action Day


March 13, 2017 

Bring Your Voice to Albany
Discuss with your legislators the importance of tourism to the state’s economy. Come and tell your elected officials you need their continued support both statewide and at the local level.

All state legislators will be invited. It is your job to remind them that tourism:

Is the states 4th largest industry.

Sustains more than 766,000 jobs.

Had $102 Billion in total business sales.

Supports 8.2% of the states workforce.


Helpful guidance when contacting your legislator - PDF Format

2016 White Paper "Support the I Love NY Matching Grant Program"


On March 1, 2016 the NYSH&TA and the Tourism Industry Coalition had its annual Tourism Action Day in Albany. The members gathered and reviewed TOURISM ISSUES in the well of the Legislative Office Building (LOB) before heading out to meet with their state representatives face-to-face.

The 2016 Issues booklet can be found here: Link to 2016 Issues Booklet.

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